Wednesday, December 2, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Each year we go out on our family quest for the perfect Christmas tree. Last year I was in search of a picture perfect, memory making, Norman Rockwell Christmas. I have to say it really was perfect! But, could it possibly happen again? I was almost afraid to think about it let alone have the audacity to wish for it out loud! This year I decided to aim a little lower and simply ask for a nice tree at a good price with no tears. I was skeptical, this is less than a perfect tree outing wish, but still a tall order.

We started out needing white lights for the tree so we headed to the hardware store. The kids were not thrilled to have to make a pit stop before the tree lot but there were no tears and minimal eye rolling. Bonus! We went in and found the perfect lights and they were on sale!!!!

We then headed over to Starbucks. Remember when tree lots had free hot cocoa? What happened to that? Those were good days. Anyway, it just seems more festive to go to a tree lot with hot cocoa so we all went in to Starbucks. That's right. All 7 of us trekked in to Starbucks. I should make a poll for this post titled
the "How Many People asked Us If They Are 'All Yours?'" poll.
Ah, I never get sick of that question < insert sarcasm >
I have to say it went very well - we ordered one venti Christmas blend black coffee, one grande no water chai with one pump of the decadent caramel brulee, 2 ciders, 2 vanilla steamers and one hot cocoa with a shot of caramel - bonus points if you know who ordered what!

Then we went to the tree lot.
This is where the real trouble can begin to brew.
Who will find the perfect tree?
Who will get to it first?
How many will agree that it is perfect?
How many will cry that it isn't perfect?
The following is a true account of what happened that day.....
We walked on the lot. We told the kids to pick a tree with a yellow tag - about 6 feet tall. They all ran around together looking at trees. Bryan said "Hey kids, what about this one?". Then the most amazing thing happened.
There were cheers!
And then it happened...They all agreed it was the perfect tree!!!
And then and there we all witnessed the great Christmas miracle of '09!!!
2 years in a row!
No tears!
No fighting!
No yelling!
May God Bless Us Everyone!


  1. I can't even begin to imagine all seven of you in Starbucks! Mine can hardly stand it when we hit the drive thru! Sounds like an awesome outing!

  2. What a beautiful tree! I love that Wesley and Tyler helped carry it in. :)
    I'm so glad you got another Norman Rockwell tree outing! We're going this weekend - wish us luck!

  3. Beautiful tree! Great family pic by the car.

  4. YAY!
    I love it! Beautiful! Good job!
    We need to get our tree. It usually is when it's dark. Because we can't seem to get to it on a weekend. And David is out of town until Saturday. hmmm

  5. Sounds like a great outing, the highlight of which was an SB run for 7! Love, love, love the Gymbo outfits on the twins! I cannot get enough of the Gingerbread collection!

    Oh, and you are so freakin' tall and skinny! WTH?! I don't want to hear you complain about your twin skin ever again! EVA!!!


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