Sunday, December 14, 2008

Norman Rockwell

This Christmas I am in search of Norman Rockwell moments. I want to create memories that we will have for a lifetime and share with our grandchildren and they will tell their grandchildren and so on. I know I have high hopes and perhaps I have watched one to many Hallmark Christmas movies but, this is my quest. I have done most of my shopping in order to free the month of December of any tragic, crowded, stressful shopping trips. I have the Christmas card picture taken, cards printed and in envelopes (I know you haven't received one yet - they're coming!!!!) so the torment that has become the Christmas card is already behind us. So, my first attempt at a Norman Rockwell moment for this season was the tree. You really can't start the Christmas season without a nice tree. In the past we have chopped down a tree and we have gone to the super fun but highly overpriced tree lots.It never really works out and every year we end up at Loratelli's, a local fruit stand. This year we decided to just go there first. We picked the kids up from school and told them as soon as they were done with homework we would go get a tree. They were all very excited - off to a great start! The homework was all completed in a timely manor and done correctly. We bundled everyone up and loaded them into the car. No crying from the babies, another plus! We went to Starbuck's and bought everyone a nice hot cocoa and headed to the tree lot. We started looking at trees and sizing them up. The kids picked out a few but they wanted to keep looking. At this point I am waiting for an argument to crop up over who will pick out a tree and then, it happened, the Christmas miracle that will be spoken of for generations to come! Olyvia picked out a tree and everyone came over to look at it. The boys "oohed" and "aawed" over it. Bryan came over and checked it for bare spots and a sturdy top. It passed all inspections and lo and behold - we had picked out the Kyte Family Christmas Tree!!!! There were no fights, no squabbles, no tears! Just our great big loving family out for a beautiful night of Christmas joy! I wish Mr. Rockwell could see us in all our glory! It was a perfect night and a wonderful start to our blessed Christmas season!


  1. Perfection! Now for the decorating! But you are already ahead of that 8-ball with all of your fabulous homemade cookies! Miss you guys.

  2. congrats on the moment! I know that makes a momma proud when we tend to do 'something' right!!

  3. Caryn - I am in awe of all your Norman Rockwell moments this year! You are truly inspiring.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. hey, I have a christmas card for me your address and I will get in the mail...sorry I am really behind this year, we have been out of town. TTYL


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