Sunday, December 6, 2009

Advent Week 2

This is the second week of Advent and it is the week of PEACE

We light the first and second purple candles today.

Read Micah 5 : 2 and Matthew 2 : 1-11

Say a prayer and extinguish the candles.

The good deed for today is to hug someone. I do not think we hug people enough these days. I hug my children and my husband all the time but can you really hug them too much? Personal contact can mean so much to someone. Can you think of someone outside of your home that might need a hug today?

Some other ideas for this week
- drink some eggnog - it is festive and yummy!
- watch It's A Wonderful Life - it is my favorite Christmas movie!
- make an ornament - any kind. Have fun and be creative.
- visit an elderly person. I know it was on the list last week. It should be on the list every week!
- sing a Christmas carol as a family by candle light
- call a family member or old friend that you havent spoken with in a while. Email does NOT count. It must be voice to voice, a real live conversation!


  1. I made Christmas ornaments today! Happy week 2 of advent!

  2. great ideas! I love it! :) Missed you this weekend too!

  3. Hooray for Advent cheer! So gteat to see you Saturday Miss Bee, we ended up having a great time - I wish I had my camera with me :-(

    AJ - Did you guys have fun??? We had my dad over for dinner and then we watched Star Trek. I am hoping to make a coffee at some point!

  4. Great ideas for week 2!
    It's a Wonderful Life is my favortie Christmas movie too - I wanted to watch it last night, but Kamaki wasn't home and I can't watch it without him. So I settled for White Christmas. Good, but not the same. :)


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