Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again!

We interrupt this blog to bring you our irregularly scheduled life!

For the last 2 weeks the kids were out of school for winter break. We slept in, had pajama days, ate our meals at ridiculous times, and just got out of our routine like crazy! It was wonderful!

On Monday the kids went back to school. They were almost late. I am not sure if they had a lunch or not. We did some homework...I think. Basically I am drowning. We need to get back in the saddle again and in to our daily routine! My goal is to survive the rest of this week and to be back on track and posting again on Monday the 11th.....

Crazy Mom in California


  1. I've been feeling the exact same way - completely overwhelmed by anything and everything that was at some point normal in my life. At least, I think it was!
    I hope next week is easier for all of us!

  2. So challenging! Sorry you have been out of whack. :)

  3. hang in there momma! i am rarely ever late to anything but we were late to school 3 days in a row! YIKES!


  4. Dear Crazy,
    Good luck!
    Elle Bee


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