Sunday, January 10, 2010


It is a nice, bright, and shiny new year!
I am not going to go in to a long laundry list of resolutions that will never become realities...that is just too depressing. What I am going to do is start this year with a clean slate and let last year just disappear into the past! As I mentioned before my resolution is to not let worry rob me of any of my precious time with my family. Not one minute! It isn't going to be easy as we have several challenges facing us this year. I know we are not the only people to have mountains to climb. In fact, I know several of my friends and family members have long journeys that they are facing this year. Isn't that what life is all about after all?  So, in order to adhere to my new resolution I have come up with a new mantra, or motto, or battle cry...whatever you want to call it......

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Isn't that beautiful? I have heard this saying many times before but it really seems to speak to me now. It is not directly from the bible but the bible has dozens of examples of this basic principal. Can you think of any? Almost every character from the bible has been placed in some sort of situation that is less than desirable ... Joseph, Daniel, Gideon, David, Esther and many more...and they were all able to do amazing things! They were faced with a situation and rather than lie down and give up they were faithful and were not only able to get by, but to prosper. No worry needed.
So, in every situation I intend to "bloom where I am planted".
To be calm.
To be receptive.
To pray.
And to blossom.
To help me with my journey I have purchased a little pot of tulip bulbs.
They are from the tulip farm...if you are local you should check them out!

And guess what???? They are blooming.......


  1. I hope you don't mind - I've adopted your new mantra for the year. It speaks to me and the challenges I know my family will phase this year as well. I've written it on note cards and taped them up all over my office and home to be a constant reminder to me.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. This is a good motto! I have a mug that says this as a matter of fact!

    Praying that you keep blooming friend!

  3. I know you will have many beautiful blooms this year as you face struggles head on with our good Lord as your guide.


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