Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Sick Sisters

Olyvia and Ysa are the sick sisters this weekend.

Nothing major.

Nothing of the "swine" nature.

Just your run of the mill, low grade fever, I feel icky thing.

So tonight they had baths early. I let them take a bath together to contain the germs. (please do not tell me this method is ineffective - I am sublimely ignorant at this point)

They played in the tub. They sang in the tub. They splashed in the tub.
It must have been a very therapeutic sisterly bonding bath time because they were inseparable every moment after! Bryan got them all dried off and asked Ysa if she wanted jammies like Lyvie. Her response was an emphatic "YES!!!" accompanied by a few squeals of joy!

Then I said to do something calm. They decided to color a box. Never underestimate the wonderful powers of an empty box. They were so sweet. Ysa followed every instruction Olyvia gave her. They colored the box and were as happy as two sisters could be. I love moments like this, where all of the fighting is a distant memory and no matter the age difference they are friends.

Sisters and best friends.......

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  1. That is so sweet!!! I can't wait until the boys are big brothers!


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