Friday, October 23, 2009

Layla and Ysa go to the Pumpkin Patch!

This morning we accompanied my friends preschool to a local pumpkin patch and tried to pretend that "we" go to preschool. "We" so do NOT go to preschool! The girls did not want to follow along with the other children and were petrified when they looked at them or tried to be friendly in any way. The girls did have a great time but I think they might have a ways to go before they can go on another field trip.

The girls were given a pumpkin necklace. Layla likes her necklace but not enough to say "Thank you" or make any eye contact. She did look at me whcih was more than Ysa was willing to do...

Ysa just pointed out the various features of her pumpkin... eyes, nose, smile, eyes, smile ...hmmm how long can I stare at this pumpkin face and not look up......

Now they are supposed to listen to a story and make hand motions. Layla refuses to look at the book and Ysa only wants me to hold her.

Time to get in the wagon and get this show on the road! I think I see a smile in there...maybe.

Now it is getting exciting! Oh my goodness!!!! This adorable little baby was born last night! The girls are finally ready to get out of the wagon and enjoy themselves!


They had a big jumping pad.....there is nothing better than a bunch of mattresses under a tarp!

The corn box was a blast! They weren't too sure about it at first.....

Layla was messy......

and Ysa dug in!

My little pumpkins!

"It's too heavy Mama."

These look like they are a better size. "How do I get them out?"

"I do it myself Mama!"

"I DID it!"

Layla says "I can do it self too!"

and she did

This team work is both impressive and frightening! They figured out how to get as many pumpkins as they could in the wagon as quickly as possible!

And then it was snack time. They finally decided to be a part of the group. Well, if you consider sitting at another table and becoming suddenly mute "part of the group". They did say "Thank you." this time... baby steps....


  1. awww, so cute! Glad they had so much "fun"! lol

  2. Hilarious! We just found vintage CA video of "Ga-bee-ul" saying he loves "Wessie." Too funny...I'm gonna try and upload it for you!

  3. Looks like a good time - even if the girls were a little shy!


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