Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Last night we spent several hours in the ER. Here is a tired recount of last nights events...

Layla woke up around 4:30 p.m. from an uncharacteristically long nap. She was CRANKY and she felt warm. Bryan took her temperature and it was 103.9* We both looked at each other and tried not to freak out. I gave her some Tylenol and we decided to taker her to the ER.

My parents were able to come over and watch the other kids for us - God bless 'em! We arrived at the ER waiting room and it was packed! UGH! We checked in and the receptionist told us it would be about 2-3 hours. A while later we could feel her burning up again. I asked to have her evaluated by the triage nurse. They said they would get to us. A few minutes later she vomited all over the waiting room. We were finally seen by a nurse about 30 minutes later. Her fever was still at 102.5*. We went back to the waiting room and waited a bit longer and then we were reassessed and they gave her some Ibuprofen at 7:15 pm. A kind triage nurse took pity on us and brought Layla a paper cup with ice chips and a spoon in it. It was like Christmas morning! Layla was very happy to have her "icy baby" with a "poon". (so adorable!)

By 9 pm we were taken back in to the ER and given a bed in the hallway. She started to perk up a bit and her temp was down to 100.1*. The nurse was so kind and brought by 4 Strawberry Shortcake stickers. I was not very prepared but sticking the stickers on the back of the registration papers worked for a bit. Then I gave her a ball point pen to color the stickers. Then another nurse brought by a stuffed bear made by volunteers. That was exciting for about 5 minutes. Just as we were at the end of our rope the doctor came by. He looked her over and checked her out and said "Looks like H1N1." UGH!

So, there was no test performed to see if she really had it but he said it was the only virus going around and that she did not have an infection. We were given a prescription for Tamiflu and sent on our way. I could go in to detail about the "wailing woman" or the older gentelman having "issues" with his "parts". I could tell you all about the hacking, moaning, and howling but I will spare you the gory details. I will just say for now that my blessed baby girl has been diagnosed with the H1N1 virus and lived to tell the story. We had so many people praying for her and we were blessed by the love and care of so many.


  1. Aww... look at how cute little Layla looks in her johnny! I think she staged it all just to get a few hours alone with Mommy & Daddy!

    P.S. Pigs suck!

  2. I'm so glad she's on the mend. So much sympathy for you guys dealing with hours in the ER. I can't imagine how scary it was!


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