Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beauty Is....

Tyler had an assignment entitled Beauty Is.... They are to decide what beauty is to them and then put it in to an art form. Tyler chose to do photography. He decided that beauty is nature. He took my camera outside and started snapping pictures. At first they weren't turning out. They were blurry, too far away or just uninteresting. I showed him how to focus the camera, change the settings and how to make the picture more interesting. Look at what he did next!

I love how he got so close up and didn't worry about chopping off the tips!

This one is just cool and weird. I love cool and weird!

I love how you can see the detail in the leaves - awesome!


  1. Those are truly beautiful - great job Tyler!!!

  2. wow Caryn, you have a budding artist on your hands! beautiful!

  3. those are gorgeous! what a great artistic eye tyler has! :)


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