Sunday, May 3, 2009

More on Abigail Marie

I spoke with my brother briefly this morning and there is more good news to report! She had a great night last night! They removed her catheter yesterday and she has peed all on her own! I have never been more excited to here a pee pee story in my whole life! The excess bile has all come out of her stomach and she should be able to have breastmilk in her feeding tube today! They had an ultrasound done on her head yesterday and we should hear results on Monday. The ecocardiogram showed that the valve in her heart that is still open is closing on it's own and that her heart overall seems to be very strong! They are still needing to put in a pic line but they can't seem to find a sturdy vein so we are waiting and hoping and praying that they will be able to get that procedure done soon before any infection can set in to her I.V. She seems to be very comfortable and is resting well. Our entire church prayed for her this morning and I have an overwhelming sense of peace, I hope my brother, Jennifer and Baby Abigail Marie can feel it too!

My kids were up until 9pm last night making her cards and paintings. They are praying for her all the time and dreaming about the day they get to meet her. Even the twins love her so very much! I am working on getting an address so that you can all send cards to Abigail and her family. Thank you for all of the support and continued prayers! It really means so much to me and to my entire family!

Thanks to one of my Twin Mommas, Carrin, we have a blog button to ask for prayers for Abigail. If you would like to add this blog button to your sidebar, the code is below!


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  1. Grabbed and to the fam and our continued prayers.

  2. hope you dont mind, I grabed your button and posted about her! keeping her in our prayers!

  3. I just came across your blog and saw the story of Abigail Marie. I would love to post her button and spread her story. I will be praying for her, it sounds as though God has big plans for her!

  4. Yay for pee-pee! :) I'm attempting to post the button on my blog as well. Prayers continue.


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