Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Abigail is EATING!


I think we must have an army of people praying for Baby Abigail! She is doing something new and fantastic everyday! Yesterday she had a bottle - no, make that 3 bottles!!!! Since she continues to amaze all of her doctors and nurses they decided to try and feed her 15 cc's of breastmilk and see what happens. Well, turns out she LOVED it and tolerted it well. She had 2 other bottles yesterday and so far it seems to have gone well. She continues to pee and poop all by herself! So far no signs of hydrocepholous - HOORAY! We continue to pray for her around the clock. They doctors are hoping to get the pic line in soon but she is still needing some stronger veins. She is such a miracle and a tremendous gift from God, she blesses everyone that comes her way!

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