Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring cleaning

So, the season of Lent is upon us once again. I usually give up sweets or coffee and although those are sacrifices, let's face it, not really life changing. This year I am going to do some "spring cleaning of my soul" by getting rid of the materialism that seems to be swallowing me whole. I feel like I go from one worry to the next and although I am not worried about getting a new Mercedes I do worry about material possessions. I worry about things getting broken, stolen, lost and used up. I think that I am too focused on what we "need" and not what we have. I am going to spend this season of Lent by purging my home and mind of "stuff". I am going to get rid of one item a day that I do not need and replace it with one prayer for something I have been blessed with. We live in an amazing world and I am going to try to appreciate it more.......

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  1. Wow Caryn that is really powerful. Thanks for the inspiration--I'll carry that with me today.

  2. Caryn - I love this idea! I find myself doing the very same things. Purge one item a day. I can totally do that!


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