Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day one of Lent

Today I got rid of 1 bag of clothes that I haven't worn in years. I have been hanging on to them because they were nice once but they are now a) too small and b) super out of style!

My amazing blessing for the day is my baby Ysabelle. She had her version of Harold and the Purple Crayon but....different. She cracks me up!

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  1. I love your Lenten promise...I have been trying to get out of the deficit mode of thinking myself! I know exactly what you mean by the comment on my blog...and YOU went and had TWO I haven't met or cuddled! We gotta work something out here! I need to see the three kidlets in the same room! ;)

  2. The twins must really look like Ty--Gabe was watching this with me, and said, "Is that Tyler and Mrs. Caryn?" Like TYler would 1) still be little (littler in fact than Gabe was when they were last together, and b) now have a pig tail! Sheesh--8 year old logic...impressive he remembers him though!

  3. Oh Karen - that is hysterical!!!! Tyler asked if Gabe still scoots on his bottom - i said he was walking before they moved....he said "when did they move?" I just didn't answer - those conversations make my head hurt!

  4. Caryn - love the just treat it like an everyday occurrence - which maybe it is at your house ;) I strive to have your attitude towards destruction - it's just stuff! :)


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