Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 2

Today I got rid of another bag of clothes. I have only cleaned out 2 shelves in my closet so far! It is amazing how much you really just DON"T NEED "stuff". This is only day 2 but I am feeling much better already!

My amazing blessing today - my Dad! He came over this morning to watch the little girls
so I could go have a cup of coffee with a friend and recharge my batteries! He took the duo to the park and they played their hearts out! Ysa fell in a mud puddle and got her shoes and pants all muddy. By the time I got home she was all cleaned up and they were eating cookies. They had a great day with their Papa!!!! I am so blessed to have such a great dad and my kids are blessed to have such a great Papa!

I don't have a picture today but I really should get a picture of my parents up here!

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  1. Families are the best! (And so is de-cluttering... something I desperately need to do)


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