Friday, November 28, 2008

Disneyland Baby!!!!

This year for Thanksgiving we packed up the whole crew and headed to Disneyland! It was our Christmas gift from Bryan's parents. We loaded up the van, buckled everyone in tight and hit the road. We left on Monday at 2 pm. We arrived in our hotel at 9:30pm! It was a long but pretty uneventful trip, the big kids were good and the twins did well overall. We checked into our hotel and about an hour later everyone went to sleep. We were up bright and early Tuesday morning and after a nice breakfast we marched 2 short blocks to Disneyland. The kids were in awe! We walked straight down Main Street and soaked it all in. The 1st ride we went on was the Carousel, twins and all! The kids had fun and they had a taste for rides!!! We all went on as many of the rides we could go on together but soon it was time to leave the twins behind. Steve was more than happy to watch the twins while we rode some big kid rides. Olyvia rode Space Mountain, she only wanted to do it the one time but she did it and lived to tell about it! Wesley loved the thrill rides and would ride anything as long as the line moved quickly! Tyler liked the rides too but he preferred the Buzz Lightyear ride because he could shoot lasers, earn points and the there was a point to the ride. Pretty much our typical kids!

The highlights - The Jedi show was amazing!!! It is a huge production! There are light sabers, smoke, Padawans, Darth's and the best part - audience participation! They choose about 20 kids to be part of the "training academy" and the head Jedi master chose Tyler and Wesley!!!! They were given a robe and a lightsaber and they were off to start training. They were taught a real Jedi sequence in Padawan school and then the stage pops open and Darth Vader and Darth Maul jump out and try to get them to join the "dark side". The kids then line up to fight a bad guy and if they use the moves they were just taught they defeat the bad guy. It was so exciting for me to watch, I can't imagine what they must have thought. They were so jazzed!
Olyvia was next. We got up early the next day and went to Disneyland at opening. Olyvia was dressed up in her favorite Belle costume. We went to the Princess area and waited for an hour to see the Princesses in person. There are only 3 princesses there at a time and we were so lucky to turn the corner and see Belle!!!! Olyvia was so overwhelmed, it was precious! We took pictures and then we went down the stairs to the royal court. She made a crown and then the show started. She learned how to curtsy, do a "princess wave" and dance a "princess dance". They brought out a may pole and she got to dance around it with Sleeping Beauty. At the end of the coronation ceremony 2 huge cannons shot out streamers and her face lit up like Christmas morning. It was one of the best moments as a mom I have had so far - adorable!

The twins were very good for the most part. They slept in the stroller and ate whenever we stopped to eat. They got to play and run around from time to time and they learned to walk in line after the 1st ride! Ysa loved It's a Small World and Layla liked Dumbo. They had a good time overall and it was fun to watch them run around.

It was a fun trip filled with memories we will have for life! All of the kids were well behaved and a pleasure to be around. It is so nice to take a break from the daily grind and just go away and have fun with the kids, I highly recommend it!


  1. How FUN! Nothing like Disney participation...Will still talks about dancing with Cinderella when he was 4!!! I am so glad you got to go!!! The pictures are awesome! They will remember that trip forever...MAGIC!

  2. It looks like yall had a good time! hope all is well.


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