Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not to brag but.....

It has been quite a week for the older Kyte kids! I don't mean to be that mom that goes on and on about her perfect kids but today well, I must! It started with Olyvia. She is the Super Star for the week in her kindergarten class. She gets to bring sharing every day and we made a big, life sized cut out of her, colored it and the teacher hung it up in the classroom. She is very excited and a great Super Star!

Next,Wesley came home from school on Monday with a an attendance award. He has had perfect attendance for the 1st trimester and so his name was put into a drawing. He won the top prize! He was so excited, he came running out to the park waving his $10 gift certificate to Round Table Pizza. He was the only kid in the 1st grade to win. We are all going to have pizza on Friday to celebrate!

Then Tyler had his day in the sun yesterday. His class took the 1st trimester benchmark test last week. Tyler was 1 of 68 kids in the whole school district to get a 100% on the math portion of the test! There are 24 schools in the district with a minimum of 3 classes with 20 kids in each class!!! He was issued a certificate from the Director K-12 ALC-C. The principal came in and gave him the certificate and shook his hand, he was so proud!

Today we had parent teacher conferences and all 3 kids had spectacular reports. All of their teachers raved about how bright, kind, friendly, and fun they are. They are all passing with flying colors!!! They have fabulous teachers and love going to school. We have had some crazy days with homework, reading, quizzes and projects but today it felt like it was all for a good reason. My kids work hard on school work and they have definitely earned every grade! But I'd like to think that we had a little something to do with it too! I am so very proud of each of them!!!


  1. Yea Guys! Isn't parent conference day the best! I love hearing what other people like about my kids, especially when the daily grind sometimes makes it hard to remember how special they are! I am so proud of the Kyte Kids!

  2. Congrats Caryn!!! it is nice sometimes to have others think your kids are as great as you do!
    go ahead...pat yourself on the back for that one!!


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