Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A day or two in in the life...

Today is Tuesday. Not Tuesday July 4th or Christmas fell on a Tuesday this year, just a regular Tuesday.
This morning we got up just after 7 am, well I did, the older kids were already up. I helped everyone get breakfast (cereal) and made toast and fruit for the twins. We scurried around until it was time to take the big kids to school. Bryan had the morning off so we went to grab a coffee with the twins. We went to Starbucks, sipped a nice hot chai, chatted at the table, Ysa ate a bran muffin, and Layla slept...bliss. Then we headed off to Costco. Both of the girls are awake now and Ysa is screaming all through the store. Bryan takes her out of the cart, she is happy for now (it won't last). We continue to shop and try to remember everything we need with out the list ( I have forgotten to bring it). Almost done and Ysa is done being held, she wants down! Bryan waits in line and I chase Ysa all over Costco. I get a phone call, Bryan has paid - we can leave!!! We go home just in time to unpack the food,I put it away, Bryan showers and has to get ready for work. The food is put away and now it is time to go get Lyv from school. Bryan goes to work and I pop the diapered duo into their new wagon and head off to the school for the second time of the day. I get there 5 min early so I can chat with the boys while they are at lunch. I pick up Lyv and we walk home. It is 12:30. I make lunch for Lyv and the twins. I cram a microwaved tamale down my throat and drink some water and put all of the kids in the car. We head off to Target. Layla falls asleep in the car so I put her in her infant carrier in the basket and I put Ysa in the baby seat of the cart. We zig zag through Target (I have my list but it only has 2 things on it, everything else is in my head...) after several laps around the store Ysa is ready to get out of the cart, it worked a few hours ago in Costco right? I strap her in to the cart, she screams, I apologize to all within ear shot, we pay, I leave. I put them all back in the car, it is only 2:08, I can squeeze in one more errand. We pop over to Joann's to see if they have the material I need to make the twins Halloween costumes (funny I know, I think I am going to see if my mom will do it). I am in luck! they have the material, I wait in line to have it cut...and wait...and wait...still waiting! My dad calls to say they will watch all of the girls for me so I can get the boys a haircut. SWEET! It is finally time to pay! It is 2:38 - I can do this! I take the kids back out to the van, load them up again and head over to my parents house. I practically throw the kids in the front door and go to the park to get the boys. My 3rd and final trip to the school today. I get to the park at 3:02 - I am late! I run to the bench and realize my boys aren't there yet - praise God for small miracles!!!! I load the boys up, run home and grab snacks (that would have been nice to grab at Target - whatever) and a drink for me and we run over to the barber. It is a 30 min wait and reeks of smoke - PASS! We load back up and go to the closest hair mill. We are in luck at HairMasters and they get right in, no wait & no smoke! They get great haircuts and we leave to pick up the girls from Grammy and Papa's house. Bryan calls, his check is ready and I need to get it to the bank (ASAP).It is now a little after 4 pm. I leave the boys at my parents house and take the girls to get the check and go to the bank.The boys are going to our house with Papa to pick up poop and Papa is kind enough to mow the lawn for us! I run in and get Bryan's check, deposit it at the bank and head for home. We get home and I let the girls run around the yard for 15 min so they can let out some steam. 15 minutes is over and I carry in two screaming babies. The boys start doing homework and I start dinner. It is now 5:30. I make a quick homemade beef stroganoff because we all need a hearty home cooked meal. Everyone washes up and we eat dinner. The twins are pretty hungry so they eat well, it is a hit with the big kids and I am very satisfied as well (I wish Bry was able to eat with us but I put on a happy face for the kids). When they are all done eating I wipe up the twins and put the leftovers away. It is now 6:30 pm. I look over all of the homework and allow the kids to watch 30 minutes of cartoons - we all need a few moments to veg! It is now 7 pm and time to get ready for bed. The big kids take showers and I wipe up the twins and put them in jammies. Showers are over and teeth are brushed. Ty and Wes go into their room to read for a few and I put the twins down and look at American Girl dolls online with Olyvia. At 7:30 I read Harold and the Purple Crayon to the older kids and tucked them in. I transferred the laundry and cleaned up a few things that were laying around. At 8 pm I plop onto the couch to blog about my day. I need to go put all of the Target stuff away and separate the Costco food. I have to fold the laundry and do the dishes and get everything for tomorrow set up - Wednesdays are busy days!!!!


  1. caryn...i am laughing at your post!! you sound a bi like me and my days!!!!
    take care

  2. Sounds like Tuesdays are busy days, too!

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  4. oh my gosh... you are amazing. I have decided my job is not so hard.


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