Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Picture Predicament

Well, as you know the diapered duo turned 1 last month. I really wanted to get their picture taken that week. Unfortunately Ysabelle got a very large scratch on her cheek so we decided to wait until it went away to have their big photo session. Of course she added a bruise to her forehead just as the scratch was fading. Hmmmmm....should we wait? We decide the bruise isn't bad and the scratch is nearly gone so I will take them the next day. That morning Layla grabs Ysabelle's face and cuts her eye lid! UGH! It looks pretty bad so we decide to wait another day or two. While we are waiting for the eye to heal we decide that no matter what injury comes next we will just get the pictures done anyway. That was until her next injury was a cut along the side of her mouth. When the kid smiles she looks like the Joker!!! I can't have the Joker in 1 year pictures - I just can't!!!!!! It has been 3 weeks now and still no pictures. Her face is in pretty good shape now so we are taking them in tomorrow much damage can she possibly do to her face in her sleep?

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  1. Caryn...why did you ask??? Hope the pictures go good!!!!


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