Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family Camp

We made it to family camp !!! Our annual summer vacation was put on hold last year because I was on bed rest with the diapered duo. It was wonderful to go back this year! We went up a day early so Bryan could set up the activities for the week and I am so glad we did! The first night was awful!!! The twins did not fall asleep until after 2 am and that was after being driven around for a while. They woke up at 6 am the next morning ! We spent most of the day on Sunday recovering. They did a little better each night and by the last night they were doing great! Sunday night we had dinner in the dining hall with all of our friends and it was nice to see folks we hadn't seen in a while. We had a fun week filled with a ton of activities! We tried archery and Tyler got a bulls eye, we did a lot of swimming, rock climbing, sliding, and hanging out . My parents came up for a few nights and brought my camera which I had forgotten to bring along with a few other items (like coffee!) ! I have a few pictures and hopefully some friends will be emailing me shots to add later. On Wednesday Olyvia lost her first tooth! It was a little bit of a shock to her and she cried at first but then she was all smiles! The tooth fairy came all the way to camp and left her a dollar, it was all very exciting! The twins got in the pool for a few minutes and they didn't cry. I would say they were actually starting to enjoy themselves! The morning teacher was fantastic as usual. She taught the book of Ruth and it was outstanding!!! After a week of family, prayer and good bible studies I feel renewed and so very blessed. It is amazing how you can feel renewed and exhausted all at once! I look forward to this vacation every year and each year seems to be better than the last. The time that we get to spend as a family will always be a treasured memory. If you ever get the opportunity to go, do it! I know my family is better stronger for having this blessed event year after year!

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