Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Garden

OK, Bryan and I decided to make a walk in garden this year. It sounded like a lot of fun and a great experience for the kids so, why not? Well, it is a lot of freakin' work, that's why! I am actually having a great time with it but my vision of a lush and abundant garden by May has not come to fruition. We have planted a some great veggies in an existing area. We have 3 tomato plants, 2 sun golds and a roma, that have taken off and become Tomatotopia. The sun golds are great and we should have a roma any day now. We also planted some serrano peppers and some yellow bell peppers. The serranos have great flavor, we have had them in guacamole, grilled cheese, quesodillas, spaghetti... The bells aren't quite ready yet but I hope to have one soon, they smell fantastic. Then there is the zucchinasaurus. It is our HUGE zucchini plant that has a life of it's own!!!! It is a boy plant which you will have to call to find out why, it does not make a family friendly blog story! The grape vines are taking over yet we have only 2 bunches of grapes...must research grapes. So, that brings me to today. Bryan is out back in the 100* heat building a kite shaped (too cute - I know!) planter box to plant our pumpkins. I was helping but now I am inside doing this...shhh. As soon as he is finished we are going to get some soil and plant our Halloween pumpkins! The garden has been a huge undertaking and I'm sure it will continue to be, but we are having a great time! The kids love to water and "harvest" the food. We have learned a lot and have spent some quality time together! All in all I would say it has been a great experience and *gasp* I am actually looking forward to adding on to it and doing it again every season!

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  1. Caryn...You need to put some pictures of that sounds YUMMY!
    glad yall are having a good summer, I wish ours would slow down some!
    Annie (BBC)


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