Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer time!

The twins are 9 months old now and they are growing like crazy!!!!!! School is out and we are finally on summer break - YAY!!!!!!! Tyler finished up the school year at the top as usual. He is doing some great writing that his teacher was very pleased with. He loves playing baseball and the team had a great year. He likes to play pitcher and 1st base. Wesley had a fantastic first year in school. He is reading at a level 6 (they are supposed to be at a 4 by the end of K) and doing a great job all around. He played baseball on Tyler's big boy team this year and he did a great job. He made some great plays and got some huge hits! Olyvia finished up the year at Kairos preschool and she had a great time. She had a Fancy Nancy birthday party and is really looking forward to Kindergarten. She likes to play with her friends and dress up. The twins are going crazy! They have crawling, cruising, finger foods, a tooth, pat a cake, and waving to add to their repertoire! They love to be outside and being "in the mix" with the big kids. They are sleeping well and growing like crazy! They are finally wearing 6-12 month clothes and they actually have some cute little shoes that fit!

This summer I have planned on having no plans. I want to take it easy and enjoy the schedule free days for a while. That being said, the boys are signed up for golf lessons that will be 2 times a week, Tyler is going to take a week of tennis lessons, VBS starts in a week, Olyvia is in swim lessons and they want to go to art camp too....oh well! :-)
We are doing some great family activities and that has been a blast! We started a garden in the back yard. We are growing tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, serrano peppers, zucchini, thyme, basil, cilantro, parsley, strawberries, a lemon tree, an apricot tree and a cara cara orange tree. We have fun watering and weeding and of course eating!
We have also decided to take up tennis. I played a little in high school and Bryan played as a kid. We are combining our knowledge and trying to help the kids out. The kids are having fun and so are we so that is a successful activity! We went to the high school this morning and played for abut an hour and the kids had a blast. It is so fun to watch them play so nicely together!
We are also having theme weeks. Basically the kids pick a theme and we spend a week exploring it. The first week was pirate week. We made a pirate cove in the backyard, read pirate books, wrote pirate stories, decorated treasure chests and had pirate hats too! The next theme is going to be mad science week.... should be fun!

My parents were here from Tennessee for a few weeks and that was great! We are hoping that their house sells soon so they an move back out and be a part of our daily lives again. The kids had a great time with them. They built a lemonade stand and bird houses with Papa and they got a lot of treats and hugs from Grammy. I miss having them here and I hope they come back soon!

So for now we are spending the days as schedule free as possible and just enjoying each others company. I am looking forward to relaxing (Ha Ha) and spending some quality time with my family. I love summer!

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