Thursday, March 18, 2010

Every Other Thursday

Every other Thursday is a pretty exciting day around our house. No, the circus is not in town (although you might wonder if it is when you pass by my house), it is MUCH more exciting than that! You see, every other Thursday is our CSA day. I think we might have to rename it CSA day instead of Thursday, it is that awesome! We belong to a wonderful little farm called Z and D Frago FAMILY Farm.  Debra (the "D" of Frago farm) brings our bountiful box and her sweet little kids by and delivers the goods for my family and several others. (If  you are interested in joining please let me know - it is FAB!) While we wait for everyone to come by and get their food the kids play out in the front yard and basically go a little crazy! Today was a beautiful day - 75* and a nice light breeze. The kids got out 2 buckets of sidewalk chalk and created wonderful masterpieces all over the driveway. Please enjoy the all of the works of art from our CSA day.....

 A life sized portrait of Ysabelle

Layla's portrait... I am a little concerned about the severed head by her feet :/

The longest hopscotch far as we know.

Some of the bounty delivered today... wait until you see our dinner!


  1. I'm so jealous of your CSA!!!!! (And slightly jealous of your 75*) :)

  2. :) that CSA looks like a wonderful idea... if only my family were more adventurous!

    just about 6 weeks until Farmers Market! YAY!


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