Friday, March 19, 2010

Dinner a la CSA

Last night's dinner was FANTASTIC!!!!

I started with these ingredients from my CSA box

- Spring lettuce
- Arugula
- farm fresh eggs (aren't they pretty?)
- Ruby Red Grapefruit
- Pink Lady apple
- Granny Smith apple
- Meyer lemon
- Kanaka sweet potatoes

And this is what I made...

The Menu
~ apple salad with grapefruit vinaigrette
~ baked sweet potato fries
~ hard boiled farm fresh eggs

The Salad

I used a great recipe for the dressing from Country Living
It was quick and easy and it made a TON of dressing!
*I washed the lettuce and arugula
*I sliced the apples
*I tossed on a few sunflower seeds
*I drizzled on the dressing and voila! Delicious salad!

The Fries

These were so easy it is embarrassing to even post...but I will do it anyway!
*I peeled the potatoes
*I sliced the potatoes
*I tossed them in some olive oil and some garlic seasonings
*I put them on a cookie sheet
*I baked them at 400* for 20 minutes. That's it. Ta Da!

The Eggs

Ok, I know that no one needs me to explain how I boiled eggs BUT I did want to share a pic of my pretty eggs! I can't get enough of these eggs...I think I might need some professional help at some point. I wish I had a better camera to fully capture the beauty of these eggs. The colors are gorgeous inside and out! I am also pretty impressed with my particular presentation of the eggs - half peeled, peppered, and in a cute little ring!

My Plate ...


  1. Oh YUM!!! That looks wonderful! I have to check out that grapefruit dressing recipe.

  2. wow! how fancy! Did the kids eat it?

  3. Elle - the dressing recipe was SUPER easy!

    AJ - The kids ate every last bit of it - they even had to split the last fry, no one would just give it up lol!

  4. You put all the items to very good use . . . inspires me to try to get creative!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Everything looks delicious - except the eggs. But, I've always despised eggs of every variety, so take that with a grain of salt. ;) So very impressed with your dinner!


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