Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Does It Take To Bloom?

I am still living life with my "Blooming" mantra. It really is helping but I confess there are days I struggle. Recently a very good friend of mine (love ya Janie!) brought to my attention that there are certain things that must happen in order to bloom. Flowers need to be watered, get sunlight, and be weeded.

Watering - The water keeps the entire flower refreshed and replenished. From the roots to the blossom the water touches every part of the plant. We also need to be refreshed and replenished from root to tip; body, mind and soul. What refreshes you? What replenishes you? I need a little down time to refresh my mind. A little game on Facebook, some mindless tv or some simple chit chat with my hubs is all it takes. To be replenished I need to go to church. I have to physically be there in order to get the desired effects. I need to sing, heard the Word and be fully surrounded by the tangible arms of God. It is a requirement. Without a weekly soaking of God's love I am convinced I would wither away.

Sunlight - The sunlight makes the plant stretch up and stand tall. What gives you a boost? What makes you reach higher? I have been thinking about this quite a bit. Your sunlight needs to be the bright spot of your day. What makes you smile?  I love to cook! It makes me joyous and elated! I love to cook for my family and when they like what I have made it makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. Who wouldn't want to feel all warm and cozy inside??? I can tell when we get busy and I don't have time to cook that I start to feel a little droopy. I need to cook, to feel the sunlight, in order to bloom.

Weeds - The flower can not blossom if it is choked out by weeds. What are weeds? I think weeds can be anything that distracts you and keeps you from blooming. I have many weeds and I need to take the time to tend to my little garden. I need to learn how to say "No." Not necessarily to helping or volunteering, I actually think most of those things are good ideas (in moderation), but to say "No." to people and things that drain the life out of me. Sometimes there are things, events or people that not only do they offer no support or joy but actually drain the life right out of you. I need to get better and shutting these things out of my life so that I am able to fully reach my blossoming potential.

So, I am off to enjoy this beautiful day and bloom where I am planted!


  1. What a beautiful post! And it is so true. There is a lot that goes into "blooming" that we tend to forget about. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Good one Caryn!
    Very nice thoughts, well written!

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