Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kids in the Kitchen

I have always had my kids help out in the kitchen. I have pictures of all my kids at some point helping me stir, blend and mix. I recently decided to take it to another level with the big kids, thanks to my friend Natalie! We decided that once a week they were going to be in charge of one meal. They can choose breakfast, lunch or dinner. They get to decide what we will have, write a list of ingredients we need from the store, go with me to purchase the ingredients, and follow the recipe. Tyler was the 1st one to accept the challenge. He did a GREAT job!!! He selected a full menu from his Star Wars cookbook .

The Menu
Han Burgers
Dark Side Salsa
Hoth Chocolate
R2D2 dessert

*He learned how to add fractions when we doubled (and tripled) a recipe. 
*He learned how important it is to write your shopping list clearly so that when you get to the store you can get what you need.
*He learned how to use a knife.
*He learned how to chop an onion
*He learned the value of planning and preparation by reading through the whole recipe before diving in to uncharted waters.

It was such a great experience and he was so proud of himself!!!! It was good for the whole family as well. We all tried something new and had a great time with the fun recipes! I strongly encourage you to let your kids help in the kitchen and let them get messy!!! Tyler made a few mistakes but we were able to fix everything and he has more confidence because of it!

Here is Bry and Ty making the Han Burgers
Here is Ty with the complete dinner.
Han Burgers & Dark Side Salsa with blue corn chips. YUM!

My world class chef with a plate of his masterpiece! 
By the way - the salsa was AWESOME!!!
* upon reviewing the pictures I have noticed my son is wearing the apron of a 3 year old....I guess I better make everyone a new apron before I take anymore pictures :-)


  1. Caryn - That is so awesome! He must have been so proud! Plus, the Math Teacher in me thinks "WooHoo! Fractions!"

  2. Way to go Tyler!!! So cool that you can start doing this with your kids, it is some of my best memories of childhood.
    And, I must say, the menu sounds hilarious and delicious! :)

  3. That's awesome!
    Ben likes to be the "waiter" and serve all of our foods after taking our "orders" on a piece of scrap paper... but getting him to cook would be something different. Great idea!

  4. Jen - only you could type "WooHoo! Fractions!" and honestly mean it! I love having you in my life!

  5. What a great idea! The star wars cookbook sounds really fun.

  6. I just ordered the wookies cookies star wars cookbook for my friend's son's 7th birthday. He's going to love it! Thanks for the tip!

    I made the nettle soup two nights ago and it was really good. Still trying to find ways to go through my lemons though. I have a great lemon tart recipe that uses 5 lemons. But we're starting to get tired of it!


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