Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Teach Your Children Well

I am not a perfect parent by any means but I do feel that in the last 10 years I have been a mother I have learned a thing or two.
One thing I know to be true with out a doubt ...
You must teach your children EVERYTHING!
There is no such thing as common sense...
Everything is learned. 
Please give me a moment to share 3 points of wisdom I have acquired in the last few days...

1. You must teach children to flush after using the potty. You must also provide a refresher course from time to time. It is helpful to show the child how to do this and then in turn have them show you that they have learned the technique.

2. You must teach children not to put goldfish crackers in to the large, heavy, fake plant vase. This is not just inherently known or understood. You must actually say out loud "Please do not ever put goldfish crackers in the large, heavy, fake plant vase."

3. You must teach your older child how to shower. Especially if your older child is a boy. You must tell them to use soap each time they shower. You must say it a few times, slowly and clearly. You will have to repeat this daily for what appears to be years.


  1. Hahhaa! Oh dear on the using soap part!

  2. Ah yes. Have you washed? "Yes"
    With soap? .... silence... then "um, yes?"

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