Saturday, November 28, 2009


We have so many special Christmas traditions. Some are from my childhood that I have passed on to my children, some are from my husband, and some are new traditions that we have started for our family.
One of the newer traditions is Christmas pajamas. I used to give them to the kids on Christmas Eve so that when I took pictures on Christmas morning everyone looked nice and clean. However, the tradition has had to evolve a bit over the last few years for a few reasons...
1. When you give pajamas to a baby or toddler on Christmas Eve it is good because all they really care about it the wrapping. When you give a 9 year old pajamas on Christmas Eve, well, it is less than exciting to say the least.
B. When you give Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve they can really only wear them once for the appropriate season. When they are wearing Christmas pajamas in March they seem a little less festive
III. It is very cozy to kick the Christmas season off with a nice pair of pajamas, it helps set the tone for a relaxed holiday season.
So, because of these reasons we have started giving the kids their Chritmas pajamas on Thanksgiving night. It really works out quite nicely. The kids get more use out of them, I don't have to send kids to bed with long faces on Christmas Eve, and we have a fun way to get in to the holiday spirit. Our new tradition is finally feeling complete! The kids open up their pajamas and run to put them on. Then we settle in with some hot popcorn and cocoa and watch a Christmas movie by the fire. It is a wonderful tradition and I look forward to this part of Thanksgiving more than the turkey and football!


  1. What a lovely tradition! The kids look so cozy in their jammies.

  2. That really is a good idea to use the jammie's all month - I may adopt that tradition. :)

  3. i love it caryn! we get new jammies in november too but you make it more symbolic..i may have to do that too. love the pic!


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