Thursday, October 1, 2009

More of the Twins

Because it is just some darn cute video I have decided to show you some clips from the girls birthday party. The first one is a little long but I haven't figured out how to edit it quite yet, feel free to stop it after the singing is over!

Thank you for indulging me!

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  1. They are so good at blowing out the candles! Did you practice with them?

  2. I love when Layla's fingers start tapping right at the end of Ysa's birthday song... like she's impatient! so cute!

  3. Those girls are just cute, cute, cute! I agree with Sara - they are pros at blowing out the candles!

  4. Belive me, it's not hard to indulge you that kind of cuteness! You made their shirts didn't you. The skirts too?

  5. I did make the shirts but not the skirts. The shirts are already ruined, I am so glad I didn't buy the shirts fro etsy that I originally wanted!

    We did not practice blowing out candles and I was going to kick myself for it but they ended up being candle blowing champs! Thank you Elmo!


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