Monday, October 19, 2009

Daily Bread....Week 3

YIKES! We were away this weekend and it is taking me a while to catch up!
Here is this weeks menu :

Apple Pork Loin
I am putting the pork tenderloin in the crock pot with some apple juice and a yellow onion

Beef Stroganoff
I just found this website and I have to say I am very excited!

Coq Au Vin
I am going back to the 365 blog - this one looks divine!

I am not sure about this website yet but this recipe looks good. I am making this on Friday, I hope it is cold and rainy so I can eat this and the curl up under a blanket! However, I hope it is NOT raining on Saturday, we have soccer games all day!

Cranberry Turkey
This is a practice run for next month. We celebrate Thanksgiving with Bryan's family but we also have a smaller dinner at home so we can have leftovers! I am hoping this recipe tastes as good as it sounds because it is SO easy!

I am just making good old fashioned beef stew. I would LOVE to see your tried and true recipes for Stew to see how much of a variable there might be.

Happy Crock Potting! (yes, that is a real term!)

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