Monday, October 12, 2009

Apple Prints !

Here are a few pictures of our apple printing fun! The girls had a good time and I think they turned out great! I tried to take a video but it was too hard to be the videographer and the craft helper at the same time!

Here is what you need - plus an apple!

- 1 pie plate for each color.
*TIP* if you put a damp paper towel in the pie plate the pate will go on more evenly and you will use MUCH LESS paint.
- red and green paint
1 apple cut in half

I am going to have to search the bloggosphere for a good tutorial on children's craft aprons. For now we are just doing it topless ...

Here is Ysa getting started. She does everything big, she colors the whole paper with big broad strokes, she uses LOTS of paint, and she will color/paint/create until the cows come home.

Layla does not like to be messy or dirty. She colors very small circles on her paper. She creates until the project is complete in her mind or until she is uncomfortably dirty.

Here is the finished product. I think they look fantastic! They are hung up in our kitchen gallery and the girls are so proud!

Now, what is the next theme???? SPIDERS! If you have a spider craft, snack, book, or song please pass it along - I'd love to here your ideas!


  1. Def. my favorite apple related craft! so cute!

  2. How cute!!! And yet, the girls managed to stay relatively clean. That would never happen in my house.... ;)

  3. Hey Caryn, I think you were a follower of one of my "other" blogs... the ones I deleted... sorry for the confusion!

  4. topless crafts are the only way to go whether you are 2 or 52 :) looks like fun!

  5. Oh just a third comment, because I'm annoying like that: Catherine's pre-k class just made a SUPER cute spider web out of a black cake plate, hole punched around the sides with gray yarn strung through to make the web. You can either make a spider or stick a fake plastic one on there.


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