Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Layla fell asleep at the dinner table tonight. It is one of the cutest things I have ever seen! I snapped some pictures and then I decided to check out some of my camera's features. I snapped a few more pictures of my adorable subject!

Layla crashed out
oh so adorable!

More sleepy Layla
portrait mode - what an angel!

Sleepy Layla
retro - I think I may print this one!

So, I am clicking away at my sweet little Sleeping Beauty and I hear a tiny voice behind me say "Mama CHEESE!" and I turn around to see Ysa smiling the biggest smile I have ever seen. My heart melted and I took some pictures of her too. My camera does not take pictures very quickly and since Ysa was awake and a more "mobile subject" it was harder to get as many pictures in. Then she put on Olyvia's boots and I was able to get the cutest picture ever! I wish I had my video mode on because the sight of her dancing and singing in cowgirl boots was precious! I guess I will just have to hope I remember it forever!

Ysa baby
the one shot the took - retro

Ysa in boots
my prancing cowgirl - so adorable!!!!

I dream of having a real camera someday...a big fancy, shiny, digital, SLR, Cannon or Nikon beauty...but until then I will be happy with my point and shoot! Plus how much can a camera matter when the subjects are as cute as these beauties????

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  1. So sweet!! I love that Layla's arms are behind her head...it totally makes the pose. And sweet Ysa! That precious smile is awesome. I wish you had a video clip too! Sounds adorable.

  2. The two retro photos are so awesome! Totally 8x10 frame-worthy.
    Whenever I'm upset over missing an incredible photo or video opportunity I just say to myself "God wanted that moment just for me, to keep in my heart". :o) Then I don't feel so bad.
    I too dream of having a real camera someday...
    PS How can kids just fall asleep like that??? Wish I could! :o)

  3. SOOO cute! That one of Ysa's cute little smile reminds me so much of Olyvia!
    Ditto on wishing I had a real camera... ah, a girl can dream can't she?

  4. Those are the most adorable pictures ever! Your girls are just beautiful!


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