Friday, August 28, 2009

Some Friday Fun... Almost

I took a trip to Toys R' Us this morning with my Mom and The Duo. We were looking for toys for their approaching birthdays (Wesley's, Layla & Ysabelle's). The girls ran all over the store and had a blast! After what seemed like hours of button pushing, pointing at every dolly and listening to delighted little girl squeals I was done!

It was time to leave and as you can imagine the twins were not ok with this decision.

I decided, like many a desperate mom has done before me, to bribe them.

They are Sesame obsessed so I herded them to the exit where a shiny Bert & Ernie ride sits. They were both squealing with joy at the sight of it at first. THEN came the time to actually get on it...

Layla was a fan...

Ysa, not so much......

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  1. Very cute! Ysa knew it wasn't her thing. :o)

  2. She bolted and stayed a good 15 ft away from it!!!! So funny!

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