Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Hair Cuts and a New Do

We have had another milestone! The twins had their first hair cuts! It was BEYOND time to get it done!

Layla had a 1985, rockin' at a Poison concert, Joan Jett wanna be, bi-level mullet going on - it was hanus!
Layla old school

Ysabelle also had a mullet but hers was more of a 1980, Joe Dirt, frying up a squirrel with Cousin Eddie type - also hauns!

They looked dirty unless I put ponytails in and that is no easy task and has now been reserved for special occasions. So, without further ado here are the new duo do's

Ysa getting her snips on

Ysa's new do

and Layla
Layla gets a snip

Layla's new do

Ta Da!
Twinny cuts

Wesley also had a makeover. He did not want a hair cut but also did not want to have any more tangles. He went in and asked for a surfer do that looks cool and doesn't get in his eyes. I think he got just what he asked for - Tara is AMAZING! He thinks he looks like Zack & Cody now....what do you think?

Super model Wesley
sorry it is a little blurry - I had camera issues!

Wesley's new do

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  1. Oh so cute! Very nice haircuts all around! Love Wesley's eyes in that first photo. You sure have beautiful kids.

  2. The girls are just darling and Wesley - my, what a handsome boy!

  3. ADORABLE! Before AND after! Kisses!!!

  4. your kids are so stinking cute!

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