Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All Things Sesame Street - invitations

The twins are obsessed with all things Sesame Street. You may think I am joking but I am really not over shooting this one. They have Elmo shoes, Sesame Street clothing, all of the little stuffed characters, Elmo phones and of course they watch the show! So, we have decided to have a Sesame Street party for their birthday. I will be taking loads of pictures but I thought I would give you a sneak peek! I am making their invitations and I think they turned out pretty cute! Here is the low down on how I made them if you are interested....

First you will need a few supplies..
- 5 x 7 sheets of construction paper, 1 per invite
- a black permanent marker
- double stick tape
- big googly eyes
- decorative stickers
- a 4x6 index card with the party info printed on one side

Next you will need to lay the eyes on the paper in the place that you want them BUT do not glue them on yet. Then draw the face of whichever character you are doing first. I started with Big Bird, he seemed easy enough.

Then you need to remove the googly eyes for the time being.... it looks kinda funky!
free hand face

Now you can apply the double stick tape to the back of the information card.I used my scrapbooking tapey thing (yes, I am pretty sure that is what it is actually called!)but any old double stick tape will do.
and apply it to the non decorated side of the construction paper
the info

Next you can decorate around the index card. I used some Sesame Street stickers that I found at a party store and a dollar store.
a little embellishment

Next flip it over and apply the googly eyes back in to place. And then you can move on to the next one! Get creative and have some fun! Here are a few of my finished products....
the finished look

I had a lot of fun making these! I will be making games for the party as well....that will be coming soon!


  1. I love that your duo are a month older than mine and into the same things as mine. I will definitely be borrowing some ideas from you for this party...we're doing Elmo and Abby!

  2. I am so impressed with your drawing ability. There is NO WAY I could have drawn anything that even resembles Big Bird - LOL! Very cute invites, can't wait to see pics of the party. Oh, and my boys have the Elmo phones too... they drive me bonkers. :)

  3. Caryn - They are awesome! I'm so jealous. I wonder if I could do Zoo invitations for G and L's zoo bday trip!

  4. you ARE amazing, Caryn! I'm with Nat, there's no way I could draw anything that could even resemble a Sesame Street Character.

    I LOVE them!

  5. You are the GREATEST!!!!!!!!!! They look just like the real characters - amazing!!! :) Your kids are so lucky to have you as their mom!

  6. I am making Sesame Street bday invites for my daughter's birthday. Thanks for the ideas. I did the same except on 4 1/2 x 5 note cards (and I omitted Big Bird--I can't draw)! Thank you!!


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