Friday, April 17, 2009

Daddy's day off

Bryan is off today! These days are few and far between so when he gets a day off and the kids are home it is like hitting the jackpot! It really doesn't matter what we do as long as we are together. Today we decided to get the bikes out and go for a family ride. Destination: Jamba Juice! The kids got out their bikes and donned helmets while Bryan loaded the twins into the bike trailer. Today it was turn to pull the twins, I'll admit I was a little nervous but we make a great team and all went well. It was a perfect day for a ride, clear skies, a light breeze, bright sun and light traffic! We made it to Jamba juice without incident (the best way to arrive at Jamba Juice) and while I went inside to order Bryan and the kids relaxed in the moment. After the smoothies were gone we went to Raley's and bought a few lotto tickets...hopefully my next blog will come from my million dollar cottage in the woods! Lyvie decided we needed to brighten up the house so we went in to the floral shop and picked up two beautiful tulips in light pink and dark pink (what else???) and plopped them in the trailer and headed for home. We took a slight detour to the park on the way home and the kids, and Bryan, zoomed up and down all the hills as fast as they could on their bikes. Have you ever seen the smile on a child's face when they ride their bike as fast as they can? It is the look of pure joy, it is amazing and heartwarming! We finally made it home safe and sound. It was a great morning. Wait. Morning? WOW! We still have the rest of the day!!!! Hmmmm....anyone have a plan for the afternoon? I better get going and make a plan!

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  1. FUN! I am missing you guys sooo much!

  2. What a wonderful morning! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.

  3. Your blog is adorable! I stopped over from Boy Crazy! Your children are precious! :)

  4. who needs to be Bakerella, when you can be the wonderfully creative, loving, mom and wife you are!!!! hey... I'M impressed. Wanted you to know you encouraged me to do my own purging this last month, after reading your daily bloggin thru Lent. Good job!


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