Monday, March 30, 2009

Wesley's 1st Game

Tonight was Wesley's 1st game. It was AWESOME! At his first at bat he hot the first pitch and it was a BOMB! He launched it all they way in to the outfield!!!! He was so excited, it is such a blessing to see that kind of joy wash across your child's face! He also played 2nd base and had the ball hit to him once. He stopped the ball and threw it into the pitcher. He may have found his calling though, when he played catcher! He did a fantastic job stopping the ball and getting it back to the catcher BUT the big moment was when he almost caught a foul ball!!!! If he had a little more practice he would have been all over that ball! It was a great night of baseball and I am so proud of my boy!

PS - Ty had a game tonight too but Bryan was at that game....maybe he will actually post one of these blog entries when we get the pix!

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  1. I LOVE baseball season!!!! I just ordered Nicholas 2 baseball outfits from Gymboree in honor of our season starting...we have just started practices, though. Can't wait for opening day!!!

  2. Horray for Wesley! Next time you should start The Wave going! He'll be thrilled! ;)

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