Monday, March 30, 2009

General Lent update

I am still purging every day but I haven't been blogging very well. Some items I have given up are
1. a ton of clothes!
2. used up or broken toys
3. old papers that looked like they were meaningful but just weren't
4. more clothes
5. several kitchen items
There will be many more items purged and I have to say it feels great! I do not miss anything and I honestly would have forgotten about most of it if I hadn't blogged about it!

My blessings -
1. the sunshine
2. my kids
3. my 12 years of marriage to my wonderful husband
4. good food
5. friends
6. coffee/tea
7. my Wed. night bible studies
8. my online friends
9. my friend Heather that watches the twins on Wed. mornings
10. the great park down the street
11. great neighbors
12. sidewalk chalk
13. big huge bouncy balls
14. bubbles
15. hair cuts
16. dinners out
17. baseball times 3 kids
18. Ben & Jerry's ice cream
19. fresh cut flowers
20. the love of family

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