Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 4

Today I got rid of one bag of trash! It was items that I have moved from spot to spot thinking that they may one day have a use. This is embarrassing but it was a pair of boys jeans with holes in the knees - size 4! A pair of footie pajamas with a whole in the toe and permanent marker all over them - don't ask! A bunch of mismatched odds and ends that I just needed to throw away! It felt good to get rid of it! I feel weight lifted from my shoulders!

My amazing blessing for the day - my comfy cozy slippers. They were a gift from Bryan a few years ago and some might think they need replacing but I don't. they are perfectly broken in and finally "just right". I wore them all day today! They really made me happy. You have to find joy in the smaller things in life, it fills you with satisfaction!!!

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