Friday, January 23, 2009

Tyler's 9th brthday party

I just want to start this by saying that I am having a hard time with Ty turning 9! I can't believe half of his youth is over! I just want to cuddle him up and keep him my little Tyler Byler Boo forever!!! But, I can't so we must celebrate in style! With a January birthday you are pretty limited on what you can do. He has had every indoor party you can think of, pizza place, Lazer Tag place, bowling etc so this year decided to do something really cool - a snow party!!!! I googled snow party in CA and didn't come up with much but did see an ad for Jack Frost Ice. I had Bryan call our neighbor that is a rep for them and he put Bryan in touch with a guy that could help us out. My very wonderful and super talented friend Jen made the cutest invitations that said "A party like SNOW other" with mittens and a scarf and all kinds of "cool" details. He invited his whole class plus a few others. We ended up having 15 kids total come. So, on his party day we had 2 huge dumpsters of snow delivered on our front lawn! It was in glacier form at first but after Bryan got out his ax and took a few whacks at it we had snow. The kids had so much fun. There were snowball fights, snowman building, snowball hurling contests, and chase Bryan and pelt him with snowballs games going on the whole time. We finally had them come sit down and sing "Happy Birthday" to Ty and then they decorated their own snowman cookies with frosting, frosting spray, glitter gel and sprinkles. Despite being very mature and cool 9 year olds they actually had fun doing this! After the cookies were devoured we watched Tyler open his gifts - boy did he get some great stuff! It really was a great day - beautiful weather, lots of laughing and great memories!


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