Sunday, January 11, 2009

I love Starbuck's....

Well, today we had a rough morning. The kids were fighting, disobeying, and whining and crying. I was angry that everyone was not on task since we had so much to do today. I admit I lost my temper and the kids had lost their minds. Rather than continue to spin out of control we decided to have a do over. The kids got ready with no further problems and I forced a smile on my face and we pressed on. A smile only goes so far though, and I knew this morning was going to need caffeine and possibly a sweet! We went to the drive thru Starbuck's and saw a HUGE line! I decided to take everyone inside and order, it would probably be faster. When we got inside there was a big empty table and the kids asked if we could stay. I went up to order drinks and the kids - all 5 - sat at the table and behaved while I ordered. I brought over the drinks and treats and we sat at the table and enjoyed our "coffees" and sweets and had one of the best mornings I can remember! We laughed and chatted and enjoyed the moment. Tyler thanked me for letting him get a drink, Wesley thanked me for the scone, Olyvia thanked me for letting her help with the twins (God bless that little girl!) and the twins were simply adorable! Starbuck's.....what's not to love???


  1. Would've loved to have joined you with my you think any of our old haunts could accommodate us nowadays???

  2. They look adorable. I like how you are getting them trained early. ;) I don't know if G and L would like to hang at SB.

  3. What a morning! The "do over" is a great idea. Starbucks is second only to Disneyland for being the Happiest Place on Earth! :oP


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