Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy birthday and a happy New Year

Another year is upon us and I am praying for a prosperous and blessed year. We rang in the new year with the joyful return of our beloved Matty dog. I know she is just a mutt but she is our mutt and family is not complete without her! She has a very fashionable new collar and name tag, I hope we never have to deal with her running off again!

Bryan had a great birthday! He got to spend the day laughing with friends & family and hollering the TV. We had his favorite foods, some great gifts, an ice cream cake and to top it off USC won the Rose Bowl!!! It was a fun day that he spent just the way he wanted!

I am going into this year with hope and great anticipation. I have a feeling there will be some big changes coming our way! I hope we can embrace whatever comes our way and grow together! I pray you all have a prosperous and joyful new year!

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