Sunday, January 4, 2009

Baby Bath

I am trying to take a picture of our family every day and blog...well, more often than I was anyway(I doubt I will do it everyday but I don't want to give up already!). Today I decided to take the camera in to the bathroom and get a shot of the twins in the tub. They love being in the bathtub! They love to spalsh in the water and play with their new bathtub squirters. They have gone from screaming about getting in the water (they hated the bath from about 6 months old until about 2 months ago)to screaming that they have to get out! I am still using lavender baby shampoo and I just don't see myself giving it up anytime soon - they smell soooo good! It is fun to watch them play! It is also fun to get them out, jammie them up and put them to bed! ;-)


  1. Smart Twin Mommas think alike! I posted a bath pic, too. You just have to love kids in the bath. They are always having so much fun!

  2. that is too cute...Sam loves her baths also!

  3. Photo 2 is my fave!!! And lavender baby bath is the BEST!


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