Thursday, November 6, 2008

Speaking of Speaking

The twins are nearly 14 months old now and doing great! They are walking, climbing, clapping, playing peek-a-boo, self feeding and progressing just fine...well almost. They do not speak! They do make noise and babble constantly. They make all of the vowel and consonant sounds that they should be making developmentally speaking, but I have not had the first "Mama" that every mom longs for. They do have 2 words in their repertoire 1. "No", actually it is "NO! NO! NO!" and 2. "Uh oh!" This is the one you need to look out for, it means that something is about to happen. For instance, Ysa says "Uh oh" and then throws her sippy cup onto the floor and Layla says "Uh oh" and then rips a page out of a book. They are cute as can be so it is very hard not to smile when they do something naughty! Every time I hear that itty bitty baby "Uh oh" my heart melts!

On the flip side the older kids have learned some new words too...I won't be sharing those! Gotta love recess in elementary school!


  1. I miss your kids. Any chance of posting a video? We had parent conferences yesterday and my heart was just bursting with pride about the young men we are raising. It's so easy to lose sight of how amazing they are in the face of daily life, until someone else points out something they admire about them. I am loving being home!

  2. HAHAHAHA, Caryn, I hear you about those words!!!
    Samantha only says Mommy, Daddy, Puppy and Babby...My other DD had a list of about 20 words she actually spoke at 1 year!!! boy oh boy are they all soooooo different!


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