Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How We Got Here

Our lives in a nutshell~
Bryan and I met and fell in love. We were married 2 years later in march of '97, I was a baby at 20 and Bryan was just 26. We bought our first home and after a ridiculous amount of planning we were ready to have our first child! There was a lot of pressure to have a male Kyte to carry on the family name - Bryan was prepared to have 20 kids if we needed to! By the grace of God we had our first boy!!! Tyler Bryan was born January 25th, 2000. He was a perfect child so a year later we decided to have child #2. 9 months after, on September 21, 2001 we were blessed with our second beautiful baby boy Wesley William. While Wesley was a perfect baby as well, a year later we felt like we were ready for another little baby Kyte. 9 months after on May 27th, 2003 we were blessed with our lovely daughter Olyvia Margarita. We were so excited to have our little girl! Our family had grown and although we always wanted 4 children, taking care of 3 kids can be quite time consuming!!! Well, days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. In December of 2006 we decided we were probably done having children, maybe we would adopt in the future but for now we were finished. We donated of every stitch of baby gear we had- crib, clothes, swings, stroller, car seats and even sippy cups. We were on our way to Easy Street, a household of big kids now, everyone goes potty on the toilet, feeds themselves and picks up their own toys (well, most of the time).
I have decided that God has a great sense of humor and He reveals it when He humbles His children. As Bryan and I are planning our future and working hard at being in control of our lives the Lord chuckles and says " You must learn to surrender, I think another pregnancy will help learn this lesson." On February 3rd of 2007 I was a mere 3 days late, Bryan asked me to take a pregnancy test so we could know "for sure" that I was not pregnant and put the issue to rest. I took the test and laid it on the bathroom floor. I went out to finish getting ready for the day, going about my business. As I was getting ready to leave the house I remembered the test and hurried back to throw it away before one of the kids started to play with it. As I picked it up to fling it in the trash (I knew there was no way I was pregnant, I was just taking it to appease my dear husband) I glanced at the strip. What??? Wheres that box? What does 2 lines mean??? Oh my goodness... I am PREGNANT!!! I sat on the toilet seat for a few minutes waiting for my brain to float back into my head. I had no idea how to feel or what to think, I was totally numb. I finally stood up and called Bryan into the bathroom. I showed him the stick and mumbled "I'm pregnant." I love my husband for a hundred different reasons but this his reaction is one of the main reasons - he started laughing. He had the biggest smile on his face and was uncontrollably laughing. He gave me a hug and I started laughing too! I swear until that point I had no idea how I felt, I was just emotionally blank! Well, the idea sinks in after a few days but we decide to keep the news quiet for a while. Well, I became extremely nauseous and tired. I tried so hard to be mentally tough and "buck up" but I could not overcome it. These are hard symptoms to hide so we decided to tell only our parents that we are expecting. At 8 weeks pregnant I went in to use the bathroom and had some bleeding. I called Bryan to the bathroom and burst into tears. He hugged me and said not to worry, we would call the doctor in the morning. I was so upset and so was he, we had never suffered through a miscarriage before and although this baby was not planned it was definitely wanted. After the longest night of our lives we went the next morning to see the doctor. The nurse practitioner did an ultrasound to see if the pregnancy was viable (that is Dr. speak, not ours!). As I look at the screen I see the baby squirming around and another thing beside it. It looks strangely similar to the baby, maybe another ovarian cyst, I had just had 2 in the past few months. The nurse said "Well guys, you're not having a miscarriage" and then a long pause. As she is silent the news washes over me like Niagara Falls. She asks Bryan to sit down and she continues " You are having TWINS". I had tears bursting out of my eyes, not out of sorrow or joy, just involuntarily. Again I did not know how to feel until I look at my husband who is again laughing hysterically. He laughed for days and sometimes even now, at 8 months pregnant he still laughs... and so do I. It is a good thing we get God's sense of humor!


  1. Caryn - I think I love your husband, too! What a great story, and what an amazing family you have. You are right about God's sense of humor. Please keep more updates coming! Go slow and take it easy, you are almost at the finish line!

  2. Awww!!! I LOVE your story! In my case, God has a sense of humor because I believe he's always trying to teach me patience and now he's given me twins!!!! :) Can't wait to hear about the newest Kyte babyes ;) (sorry, couldn't resist the Y thing, I've got you all figured out!!!!).


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