Thursday, September 6, 2007

The 1st Trimester

My 2nd blog post - I am getting the hang of this!
I have had 3 pregnancies before and this time was unlike anything I have ever endured in my entire life! My 1st trimester with Tyler was pretty easy. I only got sick once and I believe it had more to do with nerves than anything else. I was at my 1st prenatal appointment with my 1st child and it was with a doctor I had never met before. We were waiting in the lobby and I started thinking about what he was going to do and I also started thinking that this was my 1st time seeing the OB with my husband. My stomach started to rumble and flip so I ran to the restroom . I barely made it in the door and then I had my 1st episode of morning sickness. It wasn't so bad, I actually felt better until I came out and the ladies in the back office were all giving me the "sympathetic head tilt". I went back out by my husband bright red with embarrassment!!!
With Wesley I didn't even find out I was pregnant until I was 9 weeks along and I had my 1st appointment at 11 weeks. I was nauseous but I never got sick. I lost a little bit of weight but nothing too major. I didn't feel great but it was definitely manageable.
With my dear Olyvia I felt pretty good at first. No real memorable nausea (I'm sure at the time it was memorable ). My problems with her started in the 2nd trimester - but, that is another post.
Well, this time was much different!!! I was feeling SO sick and SO tired. My legs felt like sandbags and by 3:00 pm I could barely keep my eyes open! My stomach felt like I was on a perpetual roller coaster. I tried everything. I ate protein before bed, crackers in the morning before even putting my feet on the floor, Tums, Mylanta, pink lemonade and potato chips - you name it, I tried it !!! My OB prescribed some anti nausea medication that did absolutely nothing. I kept telling myself to "Buck up" and "Get mentally tough". I thought to myself, "You have done this 3 times before, what is the deal???". I was starting to feel really depressed and decided at my appointment I would talk to the doc about it. Well, next thing I know we are having twins and that changed everything for me!!! He explained that the morning sickness was going to be worse and for some reason that made me feel so much better. I was sick until about week 14. I finally started taking Zofran, a medication that they give to chemo patients, to help me get through the day. I lost a total of 8 lbs in my 1st trimester. It was the the worst I have ever felt in my life but I lived to tell the tale! I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read "You can't scare me, I have twins!" They aren't even born yet and I understand exactly what that means!


  1. Yes, I feel your pain. Even though Pink Lemonade DOES have magical properties, it can't help morning sickness when pregnant with twins :(

  2. Zofran was my best friend in the first trimester!


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