Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The 3rd Trimester

The 3rd trimester so far....
I have gained a little over 40 lbs, mostly in my belly but a large part of it has been in my face as well! My skin is stretched to the limit and I have had a nagging pain in my lower abdomen for several weeks now. I have talked to my OB about it several times but he doesn't really seem to mind the pain, it isn't bothering him! I have become extremely exhausted again and eating has once more become a chore.
On a lighter side, the nursery is finished and well stocked. We have swings set up and ready to go and my hospital bag is nearly all packed. I am feeling ready to have these girls as soon as they are ready to be born. I love them so much already, I just want to hold them in my arms!

This week I am on bed rest - not my favorite thing! I have watched 100 reruns of Law and Order and a ton of food network. I have read 4 magazines and looked over some old ones. That was the 1st 2 days of bed rest. My mom is here so that makes life so much easier! I am planning on going to Back to School Night tonight but we will just have to wait and see how I am feeling. I am on bed rest largely because my OB is on vacation. We really want him to deliver the girls because we have complete faith that he will do the best job, so it is worth it to sit around on bed rest and wallow in self pity. So, despite my yearning to have this pregnancy over, I really do want the best for theses little angels so I will sit on the couch and eat ice cream until my babies arrive!

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  1. I heard that the third trimester has come to an end! CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope you waited long enough for your preferred doctor to be back in town! Can't wait to see photos and hear the story!


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