Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Trip to San Francisco

                     We had a FABULOUS time in San Francisco last week!

1st - we went to the farmer's market at the Ferry Building. It was AMAZING!!!!! We all tried new foods. We bought some fabulous carrots and leeks. We fed the birds and even caught a glimpse of an otter! If you live anywhere near San Francisco I HIGHLY recommend this farmers market!

2nd - we went to the Golden Gate bridge. I have been to San Francisco more times than I can count and had never been over the bridge before. It was really cool and the kids thought it was "freakin' awesome". There was no place to park at the vista point so we just drove back across the bridge back to the city but it was a great experience none the less!

3rd - we went to Golden Gate park. We played by the CA Academy of Science for a long time. We tried to fly a kite but the wind won and the kite broke :( Wesley kept up a great attitude and decided to roll down the hill instead - a good time was had by all! There was also some bubble blowing and a ton of running and laughing!

4th - we walked on over to the children's park area and rode the carousel and played on the playground for hours! The kids had a blast riding down the slide. Tyler and Wesley made some new friends and Olyvia did a great job being the big sister and leading the twins all over the play equipment.  I think we spent about 3 hours there before we decided it was time to head back to the car and get dinner.

5th - I am going to be brief here.....we got to the van exhausted from our long outing....Bryan says "Do you have the keys?" and I reply "Huh?"... then a certain  "OH &$@!" look washes across Bryan's face...He leaves to find the keys....we wait...and wait...and wait....we get tired of waiting and decide to go look for him...he comes back empty handed...we start looking....a cute little foreign boy comes to the rescue with this statement "Are you looking for key of car?" ... we exclaim YES! and he hands over our keys...crisis averted...prayers answered....hallelujah!

So, missing keys aside it was a fabulous trip to the city and I can't wait to go back again soon!


  1. For some reason, I can no longer see pictures on your blog. :( But even without them, I can tell you guys had an amazing time - sounds awesome!!!!

  2. YIKES! It is a slide show...maybe I will check it from another computer and see what I can find out - thanks for telling me!

  3. Isn't that park so much fun! We were just there the 2nd week of April and had a blast! Grace rode the same ostrich Olyvia did on the carosel! Fun stuff. Love the Ferry Building too. I can not get enough of that place. It was packed because of the farmer's market but we ate lunch at Frog Hollow Farm where it wasn't as busy and then had cupcakes at Miette Patisserie (pretty sure I spelled that wrong). Isn't San Francisco so great?!

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