Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today is Thursday. I work in the kids classrooms on Thursdays. I come home and make lunch for the duo and then we play until it is time to go get the big kids from school. We will briefly play at the park and then come home and get homework done before Ty's baseball practice. Dinner will follow and then it will be time to get everyone bathed, jammied up, brush teeth, read and pop kids in to bed. Thursdays are really starting to bum me out! I am not sure how but I need to find some way to jazz up Thursdays. Maybe we can have a special dinner...maybe "brinner"? Maybe a different bedtime routine? Leave it alone??? Any suggestions????


  1. i just love that you have a routine you actually stick to!

    What about listening to a book on tape instead of reading it ( i think the library still has a good selection) or maybe a "sock hop" dance party instead of the park??? both sound fun to me!

  2. what about grilling and eating outside?
    Do you have time to make a special dessert?
    What about a brief half hour of a game like pictionary or scherades? something a bit off that is not "normal" or take a walk as a family and let the dishes wait.

  3. Thanks for the ideas and thanks for reading!!! I will be sure to post next Thursday's activities!


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