Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

I am not sure how it happened but my baby is 10 years old today... it is such a strange feeling to have a child that is 10... double digits... a tween. I am not sure where time goes but it seems to go by faster and faster each year......

This year Tyler requested to have a "cool" birthday party. No party games, no goodie bags, and no baby stuff. I have no idea why my little googey baby waby thinks I would throw a "baby party" but I decided to follow his lead and let him have a "cool hang out party". We had his party at Custom TV  , if you are local and in the market for a television system you must check them out!!! Anyway, we took the wii and hooked it up to an 82" television set and let the boys have at it!!! They had so much fun!!! They played Guitar Hero, Mario Bros Slugger (or something like that) and something with alien creatures in it - needless to say they had a great time! I bought 4 pizzas, a veggie trey and strawberries and everything was gone by the end of the night! We had cookies instead of cake (another request by Ty) and instead of singing happy birthday Tyler we did a "Happy Birthday Tyler" cheer on 3, like they do in a football huddle - that was also a big hit! I did not make goodie bags but I did give out large movie theater sized boxes of candy, Ty didn't seem to mind at all!!! Overall, it was a great party and I think that he enjoyed his day!!! I have to say that I did too...even though my baby is 10!!!

Happy 10th Birthday Tyler! I love you so much!


  1. Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

    And I must say, it does indeed sound like a very cool party!!

  2. Wow, you always do the BEST parties! You should be a kids' party planner and make money off your talent.

  3. sniff... what do you mean you have a 10 year old...

    wait a minute... does this make you old?

  4. I would love to be a party planner but I have no idea who would hire me!

    AJ - no, it does not make me old, it means I had him when I was 15....then that only makes me 25 - that is a nice round number, I think I will hang out at 25 for a while!

  5. Hey, I thought of you when I found these deep in the black pit of my diaper bag. They are huge, biodegradeable toilet seat covers that stick to the toilet. They were a lifesaver when I was potty training Bug and we would go out to dinner or to Target. Speaking of which, I bought them at Target. Thought they might come in handy with your twins. Here's the link (Whoa, this is the longest link in history):

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