Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And the Oscar goes to.....

My dear friend Alissa has given me a blog award!

For those of you that are new to the blogging world Welcome!!! It is a wonderful place to get inspiration, find kindred spirits, handy tips, great crafting ideas and so much more! It can be very addicting but I always find something GREAT to read! If you are not new then I humbly thank you for stopping by!

I started my blog to let my family that lives far away know what was going on in our daily lives. I let it go a while back and didn't post for about a month or so (hey, I have 5 kids, I was busy!) and I had several inquiries from people as to why I had stopped blogging! I couldn't believe it! I had no idea people were even reading the darn thing! It was exciting to know people not only read my blog but actually missed it!

I am trying to be a much better blogger and keep my posts up to at least 3 a week with something you find slightly interesting! I apologize if what you read makes no sense....I have 5 kids! I am not sure how many times I can use the "I have 5 kids card" but I will play it every chance I get!

So, what on Earth am I trying to say??? My friend Alissa has given me a blog award and sharing my blog with all of her friends in the bloggosphere. I am truly honored and flattered that anyone takes time out of their day to read my drivel and I will try my best to live up to this prestigious award! (hey, I don't get a lot of awards, so YES, this award is prestigious) Thank you for supporting me!


I am supposed to share this award with 10 other bloggers but I am not sure that some of my faves want to be shared! I have a list of kindred spirits to the right and I encourage you to give them a read if you ever need a smile! But I will give some shout outs to the ladyblogs I know want more readers!

AJ - who is a super person with a super blog! She also happened to nominate me and is trying to suck me in ever further to this blogging world - which I willing and eagerly follow!

Kingdom Twindom - she makes me feel normal. She has 5 kids and more than one set of twins!

Miss Elle Bee - has more wisdom and insight to the cooking world than I ever could! her blog is always a joy to read and she also has twins!

Trey and Lucy - I am not even sure how I came upon this one but I LOVE it! She has the greatest ideas and always makes me feel like I too can make cool things!

Our Best Bites - is amazing!!! Best food ideas ever! They are considering a cookbook - I am beyond thrilled! Check 'em out and try a recipe - I have not been disappointed yet!

Here is a great blog I just started following and I LOVE it! My house is almost whipped in to shape - just the kick I needed!!! Her button is also to the right!

And my personal favorite is my dear sweet niece's blog found here but also on the Angel button at the top right of my blog. My sweet little niece was only with us on Earth for a brief time but she continues to give me strength and happiness every day!

So, again, thank you to all who read my little blog and if you are new please leave me a comment so I can add you to my daily reading!!!!


  1. Awww, so sweet! THANK YOU!
    Does this mean I have to do it again. YIKES! I may wait a week! LOL!

    Hope you guys have a great thanksgiving!

  2. THANKS!! This is so special to me! I'm very honored to accept the award and just feel flattered that you & AJ think I'm worthy of it!


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